Friday, April 28, 2017

What Music Impacted You? Part Two

Moving on from Part One, I went into high school. This was 1977, deep into the disco era with the Bee Gees, Village People, Donna Summer, et al.

Yet, there were people and songs who floated to the top despite my basic teenager oblivion. (Rod Stewart never did anything better than "Maggie May" in my opinion.... and I think that still holds.)

There was a song from "Saturday Night Fever" that I liked, though, and that was Yvonne Elliman's cut.

YVONNE ELLIMAN: "If I Can't Have You":

But I hated most disco. At this point, I was beginning to appreciate women in rock. So I backed up a little bit and pointed myself directly at Heart. "Barracuda" is the one everybody marvels over, but I always loved Nancy Wilson's guitar prelude to the song below. That's about the time I started wanting to learn guitar myself.

HEART: "Crazy on You":

Another song that "got me" as the year rolled into 1978ish or so was Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street." And we thought the 1970s sucked. (And by the way, alcoholism sucks, too. RIP, man.)

GERRY RAFFERTY: "Baker Street":

Winding out my high school years, there was a band that caught me with "Dark Side of the Moon." I went on to love EVERYTHING they did. To this day, my favorite song of all is "Wish You Were Here," but that one was later. The one song that took over my last year in high school was this particular cut (of course), although tracks like "Comfortably Numb" are better.

Hey, we were kids. And, who knew that I'd one day be a teacher?

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