Sunday, October 16, 2016

Donald Trump, National Embarrassment

Its, not frikkin it's. 
I haven't posted in some time. I was too busy living my life and getting over the fact that Bernie Sanders didn't get the nomination. Then the semester started and I was too busy teaching and grading papers. Nothing has moved me to write.

But, now I am moved. In fact, now I am positively inspired. I must speak.

Look, I'm not fond of Hillary Clinton, but I have to say that Donald Trump is awful. A menace. A bigot. A homophobe. A panderer. A sexist. A fascist. We might as well call him Hitler or Mussolini, Jr. Heaven knows, his rhetoric and false "patriotism" seem to come right out of their playbooks. Just change the group(s) he's scapegoating. Make Germany -- I mean, America--great again!

But, then again, I knew Trump was a joke of a person all along and would never win the Presidency because he is just that bad. He is so clueless that three quarters of what comes out of his mouth is a blatant lie. (Just consult the major non-partisan fact-checkers.) His own party is appalled by him. Meanwhile, not that long ago, the man was extolling his tolerance, touting universal health care, and his "New York values," meaning he was pro-choice and okay with gay folks and so forth, until suddenly he had a weird flip in viewpoint and started questioning Obama's place of birth.

It got him a ton of media attention. And heaven knows, that's what Trump needed to stay on the radar after "The Apprentice" got canceled. After all, his brand is worth nothing if nobody knows who the hell he is anymore.

All of this I was willing to take and roll my eyes at. We all know fakes. He's one.

But one thing I will not tolerate is a sexual predator. They infuriate me. Like oh so many women, I have been catcalled, pawed at, molested, raped. I will spare you the ugly details. Suffice it to say that during my teenage years, my best friend's father didn't know how to keep his hands to himself and one of my own brothers, who was in his twenties, couldn't keep his dick in his pants and chose to stick it in me despite my protests and trying to push him off.

I never said a word because there was no one to say a word to and be believed. It's always "he said/she said." And if you argue the case for yourself, you're still going to be dragged through the mud as a whore, or as consenting, or as lying, or as wanting attention, or as whatever it is your molester can claim to get himself off the hook and pin his attack on you.

So, to hear Donald J Trump boast about kissing women--"I can't stop myself"--and then "grabbing their pussy" and claiming he can get away with it because he's famous, and then to watch (at last count) twelve women come forth and say, "Yeah, actually, he's not lying because he did it to me" and THEN to hear people defend this man, and to hear him actually say, "Look, I wouldn't molest her; she's too ugly for me" as some kind of lame defense (which means he would molest someone who isn't too ugly for him) ... it's all too much for me.

Shut the fuck up about Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is not running for President. And, we have no idea what Hillary knew or didn't know about Bill's alleged affairs/attacks until the Monica Lewinsky scandal. And THAT, my friends, was consensual.

Anyone equating the two things, like Mr Trump is trying to do, is just plain ignorant.

Then again, what can we expect from Donald Trump, who has never been a faithful husband in his entire life, who doesn't correct Howard Stern when he refers to Trump's own daughter in front of his face that she's a nice piece of ass, who insults his ex-wives as "no longer being 10's," and, considering his series of young trophy wives, appears to think women are just things to ogle over anyway?

Of COURSE any woman he finds attractive is just there for the taking, like low hanging ripe fruit, and it's his because he's... well..... famous. Never mind how awful looking he might be, if we must apply stereotypes. No, he deserves whatever woman he wants because he's a man and a very special one in his own mind, I suppose.

Or maybe he isn't that special. He is perhaps the most insecure man of all men. After all, he's the one who couldn't just laugh and let it go and had to assure us all during the GOP primary debates that his penis is "just fine." He's the one who feels the need to brag about his sexual exploits. And he's the one who apparently has to grab women against their wills.

This pig's ass for President of this nation?

No thanks.

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