Saturday, May 21, 2016

Preakness Day Late Pick 4

Well, will Nyquist win the second leg of the Triple Crown? Hard to say when the track will be a mess. He has won over a wet track, but Exaggerator, who was gaining on him in the Kentucky Derby, likes wet tracks so much that he seems to speed skate over them. Like, Bonnie Blair.

Anyway, with an off track and soft turf, I hate to go too deep ($$$) on most legs in my tickets, so I decided to keep this one cheap and bet it for only .50c. Betting this at a dollar would run you $24. This Pick 4 starts with Race 10 and ends with the Preakness (Race 13).

Good luck to all the horses and jockeys today, and may they all come back safe and sound.

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