Saturday, April 2, 2016

Important Information for CA Sanders Supporters #Sanders2016

Quick! Take this quiz.

In California, to determine our choice for the Democratic Presidential candidate, we have:

A. a primary.
B. a caucus.
C. both. 

If you answered anything but C, you are incorrect.

But, if you were incorrect, don't feel bad. I've lived here since 1997, voted in every primary (thinking that's all I had to do), and had no idea there was a caucus. I swear it's the state Democratic Party's best-kept secret.

Peeps, here's the thing: if you want to see your candidate actually be voted for at the Democratic National Convention--regardless of your vote in the primary--you also need to vote in the caucus for your district delegate(s). Vote by mail? Too bad. You won't get a ballot in the mail for this. You have to show up at your district caucus on May 1, before the primary, to help pick your district's delegates for the candidate that you want. (Don't worry; you don't have to sit there and listen to a bunch of speeches. Show up, vote, go on your merry way, and have a nice day.)

No big deal? Any delegate will do? Noooooooo. If it happens that your district (for me, it's San Mateo County, District 14) doesn't have enough delegates elected that pledge support for your candidate at the convention, guess what happens? The Democratic Party gets to pick the delegates for your district. And it doesn't matter one bit who that delegate supports in the race. That delegate, and actually even any elected delegate who has pledged support to either Bernie or Clinton, has every legal right to change his or her mind up until the second they actually cast their vote at the convention.

So, what I'm saying is this: If you support Bernie Sanders in California, it is imperative that you show up on May 1st to your district caucus and elect the maximum allotted number of delegates you are sure will not change their vote. (Example: say there are a total number of eight delegates in your district. Then, at the primary, your district gets enough votes for Bernie that he wins six of the eight delegates. The caucus ensures he's got six delegates pledged to him to begin with. If not, they'll wind up going to Clinton. And even if he's got six, you've got to be sure they'll vote as they say they will vote.)

What a mess! But, it's how it's done.

To sum up: If you're a Bernie supporter, vote in your district caucus AND vote in the primary.  And be sure to share this info with every Bernie supporter in California that you know and encourage them to share it. We can do this . . . together.

Post script: I'd offer a link to where the various caucus locations are on May 1, but that info has not been announced yet. For now, just make a note in your calendar to be sure and vote on May 1 in addition to the California primary on June 7th. You might also make a note for the last week in April to remind yourself to find out where your caucus location is.

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