Saturday, March 19, 2016

Not Too Late to #FeeltheBern--Don't Let The Spin Psych You Out

As we now move away from mostly the South (they're typically red states anyway), we can expect primary and caucus results to be different, if the voting elsewhere in the country is any indication of a larger trend. There's no reason to think not, so I suppose that might explain why the Clinton campaign and Democratic Party insiders are ramping up the "Bernie can't win, so he should concede now" chatter. 

Ah, politics. Such a nasty game. 

But, let's do a reality check and look at some actual numbers. As of this writing, Clinton has 1,132 pledged delegates based on voting. Sanders has 818. That's certainly not anything for Sanders supporters to be alarmed about, considering that there are still 2,394 unpledged delegates to be earned (since those states haven't even voted yet). Let's not call the football game at halftime.

But, then some people are bringing up the specter of the super delegates. Now, it should be enough to know that super delegates are referred to as "unpledged" until they actually cast their votes at the Democratic convention (in June). It is also true that they can, and have historically, flipped their votes from their original commitment. For example, sometimes super delegates change their votes based on the popular vote in their states.

In any case, there are a total of 715 super delegates. Clinton claims that 465 of them are hers, have always been hers, & never shall they part. Setting aside the fact that this is untrue, at the moment Sanders has 24 "unpledged" delegates, and that leaves 225 super delegates who are not even remotely committed in any way. (There's an oddball one left over who committed early to Martin O'Malley, who is now out of the race. I doubt that delegate will abstain at the convention.)

Bigger crowds than Trump's, and certainly more than Clinton's.
Meanwhile, the mountain states and the West Coast, where Sanders is much more popular than he is in the South, haven't yet voted, and a state like California sure has a lot of delegates. Like, more than 400 the last time I looked it up.

The bottom line is this: Don't believe for one minute the "spin" intended to make you think Bernie is already a lost cause. That's meant to psych you out. Instead, get out there and vote! YOU must speak first at the ballot box. Voting is your right, and it is your privilege. And if you think your vote doesn't matter, erase that thought from your mind. Clinton recently won Missouri by under a thousand votes. Your vote does matter, tremendously.

Let us work together for real change instead of apathetically handing off our collective power to the status quo; the same ole-same ole; the second verse, same as the first.

Read Sanders' stances on the issues here and how he intends to pay for his programs here

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