Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What, Are You High?

When I was in rehab, one of our counselors told us a story. She said she and a van load of other people in recovery were going on a road trip to an annual AA meeting in Southern California, and they stopped at a rest area to go pee and buy some soft drinks and snacks from the vending machines. There was a hippie girl there holding a bunch of flowers, apparently waiting for her boyfriend, who was in the men’s room. This was a busy rest area, people all over. The girl just smiled at folks as they passed her by on their way to the rest rooms. Then she'd ask them if they wanted to smell her flowers. Everybody gave her a look like, “What, are you high?” and continued on by.

Then the folks from the van reached her.

She held out her bouquet and asked, smiling, “Aren’t these so pretty? Want to smell them?”

And, the counselor said, every last person on that van stopped to smell those flowers and exclaim over their fragrance.

You think I’m going to give you some message about always stopping to smell the roses, right?

I’m not.

The counselor said, “And that’s the way it goes with people in recovery. For some reason, people who’ve gone through—who are going through—recovery always seem to take pleasure in things like that. They don’t ignore people like that. We relate to people like her.”

I expect there are several take-aways from this story, and for that reason, I've always liked it.

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