Friday, January 29, 2016

It's So Easy to Forget

A good many people I know think that alcoholics and addicts are just having the time of their lives when they are using, that they are selfish and care about nothing more than their high. That's partially true. Because we are so desperate to feel normal and can't cope with monstrous cravings that seem bigger than we are, we will always act selfishly in order to use, even if we know we are hurting our loved ones. The booze, the drug, comes first. That alone makes us feel even worse but we see it as necessary to get the relief we need. 

As for the rest--that we're having the time of our lives--that's untrue. Being a using alcoholic was one of the most hellish experiences I've ever had. The last thing it is is fun. 

If you're a recovering alcoholic, never forget what brought you down.

If you know a recovering alcoholic, hug them close.

If you know an alcoholic who's still using, may God bless you, give you patience and understanding, give you the fortitude to draw lines when they need to be drawn and to stick to your promises of consequences, love your alcoholic but hate the addiction, help your alcoholic but don't enable them, and never, ever blame yourself when it's an emotionless substance that is to blame.

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