Saturday, December 5, 2015

Upon a Friend from Europe's Observation

I worry for my country too, for precisely that reason [she is concerned that we will prefer to kill each other rather give up our arms]. Look, we Americans deny easy concepts like climate change because of.... heck if I know, it's some "liberal plot" to make oil companies fail. Perfectly logical people I know deny the science. I couldn't tell you why. There's just this basic mistrust of govt. I mean, seriously, we hate govt so much we'd rather turn our social security over to private companies than pass a law stating that govt may not spend our SS. We are a country of teeny tiny minds and shriveled dick fear-mongers. 

We used to be free, or at least white people were, but now everybody here is a racist coward, or so it seems to me. For Pete's sake, half the Christians here couldn't even engage a person in a discussion about how to deal with contradictions in the four gospels. No, we just swallow the belief that we are somehow superior and should rule the frikkin world with our weapons.. because Jesus. 

So when the rest of the world rates America as the biggest threat to world peace? They're damn right, and we don't even care. I love my country. I'm also ashamed of my country. We are lost. I would like to see us be a good example again, but right now? We somehow seem to think Jesus wants to lob missiles at people while we "save" the fetuses and give the vicious the same right to shoot us all in order to protect our right to shoot back. Or, if it's the govt's idea, it must be bad, so screw you and not have anything productive to contribute to how our tax dollars should be spent. 

Are we crazy? Yes, we are.