Saturday, June 6, 2015

Belmont Stakes 2015: Late Pick 4 Tickets

And they're off!
As promised, here are two tickets for the Belmont Late Pick 4, each with a different strategy. The first one gets solidly behind American Pharoah by singling him to win. Therefore I went a bit deep in the other legs in hopes of hitting a longshot. The second ticket doesn't single American Pharoah and therefore doesn't spread as much in the other legs. However, I have a betting superstition about betting against myself (your own mileage may vary on that), so it's possible both tickets could hit, although I did include on the second ticket some horses that I didn't on the first one.

As for the Belmont Stakes itself and how I'll bet that race, obviously I need a look at the horses before the actual race, but none of my tickets will leave out American Pharoah or Frosted (Kiaran Mclaughlin is very high on his horse's chances). Other horses I'll have a close look at are the obvious Materiality, and two longshots: Madefromlucky and Keen Ice.

Good luck to all, and may all the horses come home safe!

Ticket 1, Pharoah singled

Ticket 2

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