Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pre-ordering through Indie Shops

Some have asked me if they can't order The Master Yeshua from an independent bookstore rather than Amazon or Barnes & Noble, and the answer is always "yes." You just need the title, author, and ISBN number, and your local bookstore can order it for you. Just be aware the book is still not out until May 29th. (Those wanting ebook versions will need to wait a few more weeks, but there will be an ebook version available shortly after pub. date.)

There are a couple of online indie booksellers I know of that are offering the book for presale.

In Massachusetts, there's Readmore Books: Readmore Books

In Salt Lake City, there's the King's English Bookshop: King's English

In Wisconsin, there's Northwind Book & Fiber: Northwind Book

You can also ask your local library to order it.

I hope this helps!

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