Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Something to Think About....

The above list describes the standard make-up of our political institutions in America, that is, our Senate and House of Representatives who are made up of people purporting to represent ALL of us: "we, the people."

Here is a FACT: the above describes exactly 6% of the US population. 

Black people, Asians, Latinos, other people of color, gay/bi/trans people, women, poor people, single people, uneducated people, young people, and the unemployed are not represented in any way approaching parity (or proportionate representation) in the U.S. government.  It never has. It's gotten a teeny bit better, but parity is a long, long way off.

Now, the United States of America is not a true democracy (it never was); it is a republic, but we still like to pretend the people have a voice and that our elected representatives vote as we, the people, would have them vote. But if you consider the above, you realize why they so often don't and instead just vote a party platform that has been articulated and paid for, if you will, by any number of corporate interests. 

Until our government starts to actually look like we do and not just like the 6%, we will continue to have a populace that feels (and is) largely disenfranchised. The two-party system is failing us. We need more electable, viable candidates than just the two dishes we are offered.

But we have to do our part. If we want change, we have to put forth the viable candidates. Otherwise, a lot of potato lovers or pasta lovers will be stuck with having to choose between salad or tunafish the rest of their days.

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