Friday, June 6, 2014

Belmont Stakes 2014 Picks! (UPDATED POST SCRATCHES)

Well, it's a day before the big race, and the Belmont Card is a good one--lots of stakes races. As usual, what I'll do for now is just list the four horses I best like in races 2-11, and tomorrow I'll tweet actual Pick 4 tickets. So far no horse is really leaping off the page at me as a single (Palace Malice would be but he's on the rail), although I'll probably do at least one Late Pick 4 ticket that goes deep in the first three legs hoping for a longer shot to hit and singles to California Chrome. I know pro handicappers are saying Chromey's a definite bet-against at his odds, especially given how difficult it is to win the Belmont, but you know.... I gotta root for my home boy.


Race Two: Life in Shambles, Kid Cruz, Misconnect, Legend

Race Three: Eriugena, Ground Transport, Micromanage, Cat Burglar

Race Four: Ben's Cat, Marchman, Undrafted, Upgrade (if you have deep pockets, you might throw in Positive Side)

Race Five: Bayern, Meadowood,  Coup de Grace, Social Inclusion, Havana, Tonito's M. (I know that's five but I think the favorite, Social Inclusion, might get upset here. Otherwise, take a stand and single him.)

Race Six: Fashion Plate, Fiftyshadesofgold, Unbridled Forever, My Miss Sophia

Race Seven: Close Hatches, Beholder, Princess of Sylmar, nice longshot with Belle Gallantey

Race Eight: Somali Lemonade, Discreet Marq, Better Lucky, and Stephanie's Kitten

Race Nine: Palace Malice, Goldencents, Normandy Invasion, Shakin It Up

Race Ten: Imagining, Grandeur, Seek Again, Five Iron (a lot of good 'cappers are also VERY hot on Rookie Sensation)

Race Eleven: California Chrome, Commissioner, Tonalist, Wicked Strong

Good luck and may they all come home safe!

Note: Early Pick 4, Pick 5, and Pick 6 tickets are up on twitter. I'll see how things are playing and tweet a Late Pick 4 ticket later.

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