Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Woot! I'm Baaaack! Oh noes!

Yes! That's right! I'm done with the first full draft of my book and am handing it off to some people to read and edit while I shop it to an agent, so this means I get to return to blogging and driving everybody crazy with my randomness.

Actually, I'm surprised at how quickly this book came out of me, but then again I've been stewing over the subject for a while, and I guess I already had a lot "mentally written" and filed somewhere in my own head. At this point, I alternate between thinking it's a plate of poo salad and a plate of pure awesome. It's probably somewhere in between the two extremes and will need a little reworking once I get some distance from it.

I'm also hoping a good agent and publishing house editor can help me put some spit and polish on it, but if I don't have any luck in that department, I can always go the self-publishing route. I'll cross that bridge if I reach it.

Well, enough about this. It's good to get a little time to recharge my batteries before returning to the classroom in the fall, and today I just started a new painting, and those on Facebook have seen that I have continued goofing around with my guitars.

It's about time for Derby Fever to hit as well. I did do a futures bet on California Chrome before his stellar performance in the San Felipe. We'll see how he does in the Santa Anita Derby. Chelle likes Constitution, but after the Florida Derby, she's thinking he may not perform well in the Kentucky Derby itself. Too many horses, and he was pretty rank at the beginning of that race. Well, we'll see. When they're this young, so many things can happen in a mere five weeks. But it would be fun to see Art and Steve Sherman at the Kentucky Derby, of all places. I mean, they co-owned O Firefly with us. (Even if she was the filly from hell. I guess she's busy being a mommy now.)

But I'm still trying to get my racing jones back. Zenyatta's retirement sort of took the air out of me. I loved that big girl so much that it's hard to get excited about any other horse. And then the NY Times continues its push to smear horse racing as a sport (are they on PETA's payroll?) For Pete's sake, why pick Steve Asmussen's barn to go "undercover" in? He gets dinged for drug violations almost as much as Dutrow. Why not pick a random trainer who is more representative of the entire sport and go undercover working for him or her? Yes, there is a nasty underside to horse racing. But for everyone who mistreats an animal, or for every owner who insists a trainer race an animal that isn't ready or is sore or hurt, there are ten more who love their horses very much and will go to the barn and feed them carrots and wouldn't think of running their horse into the ground and will see to it their horses are well cared for when they retire.

But enough about that.

Well, I'm off now to go practice the fingerpicking to the Eagle's "Seven Bridges Road." It's only a three-chord song, but there are a lot of fast runs of hammer-ons and pull-offs. Dunno if I'll be able to pull this one off by this Friday for my Facebook Serenade (Facebook howl?) or not.

It's good to be back.