Friday, August 16, 2013

Yadda Blah

Yeah, yeah, bad me. I've been hiding under a rock this week. See, school starts on Monday and so I'm trying to enjoy this last week however I can--unfortunately, it doesn't involve writing much, although I did tweak my syllabus.

So, I've started a new painting (just a landscape, a beach scene) and I've been playing guitar a little. Right now I'm working on learning the picking and bass runs to the Eagles' "Seven Bridges Road." It's good to stretch a bit: usually when I pick, it's just fingerpicking, and this calls for a pick and lots of hammer-ons and pull-offs, so it's fun to play. I've also purchased two courses from The Teaching Company (hey! They were on sale), one on the Dead Sea Scrolls and one on the early Jesus Movement, including the Gnostics, and how the final books of the Bible were settled upon. I know about the Council of Nicea, but this promises to delve a little more into the politics behind the choices.

And let's see--I saw The Conjuring with my friend Lisa and Despicable Me with Chelle. I think this weekend I may go see The Butler. That looks really good. And, everybody seems to be in it; the trailer screams "Oscar" at me.

Other than that, life chugs along as usual. Still sober--wow, it'll be four years September 4th. When I stop to think about it, it really does boggle my mind. There was once a time that I couldn't even imagine my life without drinking.

Just goes to show you that people can change. 

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