Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why Are You Here?

What is your soul's purpose for this incarnation? Think hard about what brings you the most joy. Is it, in fact, to find joy? Peace? Happiness? To fight for what you believe in? Is it money? Is it love?

What brings me the most satisfaction is serving others, helping others, or, at the very least, making others smile or laugh.

Then consider what your unique talents are. Mine are writing, clear expression (with a fair amount of humor), diplomacy, and to a lesser degree the arts (painting, playing music). Then put the two together to make a kind of "life objective" statement. Mine goes something like this: I teach and I write with the goals of helping students gain writing skills they will need to succeed in life, and I also try to open their eyes and help them care about the human condition. I try to do so without cracking a whip and breaking down someone's hopes and dreams--though I stick to standards because I'm not serving someone well if I pass them and they're not ready. I draw, I paint, I play music, I kid around to share the human condition as well, but also to spread joy and love. And sometimes I write specifically to share things I hope will help others in some small way--or maybe even a big way; one just never knows.

Sure, I occasionally get tired and whine and moan and complain, but really I'd have it no other way. I'm truly blessed to do work I find meaningful and to also have hobbies that serve my goals, for, ultimately, helping others helps me to evolve and become a better person.

So, why are YOU here?

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