Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Izzy's "Somewhere over the Rainbow" All the Way Through

Okay, well, I showed off my new ukulele my in-laws gave me in my last post, but I failed to mention how nice this one really is. Not only is it a concert uke, but the top is made of Hawaiian koa wood and the inlay is rosewood. It's truly a beautiful instrument.

Now, those following me on Facebook know that I've been trying to learn Israel (Izzy) Kamakawiwo'ole's version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow," which honestly probably isn't a hard song for more experienced ukulele players to play since it consists of only seven chords, but being more accustomed to guitar, I'm having to adjust to much skinnier frets and having only 4 strings as opposed to six or twelve. So the chord shapings are completely different, and the other odd thing to me is that--well, if you even want to consider it a bass note--the lowest note is on the second string from the top. So an open strum sounds like complete discord.

But, brave soul that I am, I've now pretty much learned the song all the way through, although not by heart. So in the video below, I was following along with a video with the words and the chord changes, and it froze on me for a moment and my reaction was to say "fudge." Except I didn't say "fudge." You'll get my meaning if you're familiar with A Christmas Story.

Anyway, here is my first total pass through of the entire song, including me singing, so you're just gonna have to wince your way through the bad notes I hit. No worries, brah, my friend Lisa will be joining me sometime this weekend to sing it and she can actually sing.

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