Monday, July 8, 2013

Back and in a Better Mood!

Yep, when you're grumpy, nothing will cheer you up like shooting a few bullets at imaginary people who get on your nerves!

Actually, as I joked on Facebook, no living critters were harmed in the making of this film. Chelle and I had the rifle--and this is only a Marlin .22 with bipod and scope--set up on the balcony surrounding her parent's house. Chelle had gone out onto the property and tacked up several targets to trees and tree stumps, all at different ranges. This was my first experience with using a scope, so the first issue I encountered was whether or not to keep my glasses on. Ultimately I decided it was easier to shoot without really using them because I am (primarily) near-sighted, so the scope does the job my glasses would do anyway. The bigger problem is that it's more comfortable to me to aim using my right eye. Aiming with the left feels weird to me. That's a problem because I have astigmatism in my right eye, and the glasses correct that. Still, the scope allowed me to shoot accurately enough. The major problem I kept wrestling with was my annoying habit of zeroing in the bulls eye in the cross hairs, then instinctively leaning in closer to the scope when I'd go to pull the trigger. Every time I did that, my beautifully aligned target would go black. Argh! I felt like James Thurber in that famous story he wrote about his failed attempts in science class to successfully look through a microscope at a slide.  "Thurber!" roared his teacher. "You're looking at your own eye!"

But with a little practice (and patience with proceeding slowly--and why not, since the targets weren't exactly moving), I am proud to say I didn't miss a single target and actually even hit a few bulls eyes. (These were neat targets, too, that showed a differently colored splotch where the bullet actually hit.) Here is my best shot on the first day--on the second day I did a little better, but I didn't take photos-- and here is a photo that shows you the approximate distance from the targets to the house.

Bulls Eye!

This was the distance from the closest target.

I asked Chelle how she'd rate my shooting, and she said, "Not bad for somebody totally new to this." Psssssh. Leave it to Ms. Alpha Dawg Deadeye to let me know I need to get significantly faster and better. LOL

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