Monday, June 3, 2013

Video of Egypt Trip

Old Cairo--Armana (Ahketaten)--Lake Nasser and Abu Simbel--Nile cruise--Temple of Horus--Temple of Luxor--Temple of Seti I/Osirion, Temple of Hathor at Dendara--West Bank/tomb of Ramose/Temple of Ramsses III--Temples of Karnak--El Fayyum/Lake Moerris--Giza Plateau (Sphinx and Great Pyramid)--Dashour/Sakkara (bent pyramid, red pyramid, step pyramid). Background music by Diane Arkenstone, "The Secret Chamber" and "Seduction" from CD "Echoes of Egypt," available on iTunes.


Rebecca S. Mahoney (Becky) said...

Absolutely loved your video and vicariously lived through it a part of the planet on my bucket list to visit! I just happened to check in and was treated to your travelog! Thanks!

Joyce said...

Glad you enjoyed!