Friday, June 28, 2013

New Painting and Happy Pride!

Well, Egypt continues to inspire me. Here's the beginning of a new painting. They always start off looking like a mess. But we visited the Temple of Horus at Edfu at midnight, under a full moon, so I'm going to try to capture the feel of that mystical place. The statue of Horus isn't actually behind the first pylons like that, but I want him to be in the painting, so as usual I'm not going for utter realism but more for recapturing the emotions I felt.

Speaking of which (emotions), it's been an up and down week. First SCOTUS undid part of the voting rights act, which no doubt will lead to all kinds of attempts to disenfranchise certain groups of voters. Still, the country is rapidly heading for a non-white majority (this is already the case in California), and the GOP will have to find a way to attract these voters instead of resorting to gerrymandering, or it will die off as "the party of the past." That may not be a bad thing. Its social authoritarianism has been a turn-off to a lot of fiscal conservatives, who otherwise don't care about things like birth control, a woman's freedom to choose, gay marriage, and the like. We could use a new party or two anyway. I know even I am tired of some of the Dem's shenanigans (its getting right on board with the GOP on domestic spying and NDAA, while trying to water down the 2nd Amendment to silly extremes--I mean, a .22 rifle with a 10-round magazine classified as an assault weapon? That's just dumb.) And both parties are in bed with Wall Street and the big banks anyway.

But then, of course, came the real upper: Prop 8 is dead and so is DOMA! I remarked on Facebook with my usual dry sense of humor that it's so nice for others to decide that others can't decide whom I may marry. It is, of course, rather ridiculous that we have to have this debate at all, since marriage stopped being solely a religious institution ever since the government got into the business of handing out marriage licenses and giving certain tax breaks and other benefits to married couples. Still, being legally married in California when my other gay friends have not been able to do so themselves has ... well, been a weird feeling. I can say with all certainty that in the past five years, since Chelle and I and 18,000 other gay couples have been legally wed during that time, the Church has not been thrown into disarray, none of my straight friends have divorced, and in fact several straight couples I know have gotten married, so the institution of marriage seems alive and well.

Oh, and no worries, y'all, about gay marriage opening the door to people marrying their dogs or cats or whatnot. Animals are unable to give consent and thus may not enter into a contract. Neither can children, who are legally underage.

It's PRIDE weekend and I'm still debating over whether or not to head into the city on Sunday to watch the parade and partake in the festivities. This year's should be a particularly joyous party. A lot may depend on the weather--it's been blistering here, and the city should be cooler. Plus there's just something energizing about watching all the dancing queens. FINALLY there is something to truly celebrate this year!

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