Monday, June 10, 2013

A Soul Alignment

Check out this guy! Now, the video is a big tease because he never actually plays the instruments; he just demonstrates them. But I was intrigued enough to go to his website and purchase a CD and was pleased to get a personal email from him containing details on how to use the CD for the best effects. I intend to use them in meditation, so I'll report back later on what, if anything, happened.

As a Rosicrucian student, I'm a huge admirer of the Master Pythagoras but frustratingly horrible at mathematics. It's one of the reasons I can't read music--I have a total mindblock because it's too much like math. So playing guitar is utterly intuitive for me. But nature is a huge math and music project: everything is energy, vibration, consciousness, and once you realize that and start tinkering with that (New Age peeps would say "raise your vibration"), you really do start perceiving things that have always been under your nose but just couldn't see them before.

I'm still processing things that happened to me in Egypt, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to talk about them without sounding like a total wackjob. Suffice it to say that being surrounded by 40+ other intuitives visiting all these ancient mystical sites opened me up in ways I hadn't anticipated. I heard things and saw things that, well, I suppose the Syfy Channel would call "paranormal," but really it's not. They're just "extranormal." These things are always there and available to us but most of us are closed off to them. So I came back more open and I want to stay open, bloom even more, in this continual quest to seek the Divine.

Pythagoras called music "A soul alignment." Our bodies are our instruments: we must continually tune them, or attune.

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