Friday, May 3, 2013

Oaks Day Late Pick 4

Race #8    05/03/2013
Churchill Downs
$0.5 Pick-4
# 3,11,14
WT # 7,8,9
WT # 4,5
WT # 2,4,8,11
That's my ticket, peeps. 
Update on tomorrow's Kentucky Derby: the #1, Black Onyx, is a scratch, so the field will be 19 horses instead of 20. Also, the track is expected to be wet. Throw out that Dubai horse, Lines of Battle, for sure. Another thing to note: with the scratch of the #1, that leaves only one horse between Calvin Borel and the rail, so everybody knows what that means. I think we can expect Revolutionary to get bet down, and Rosie's horse will be bet down as well just because so many of us chicas will be pulling for her. 

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