Thursday, April 11, 2013

Preparing for Egypt, Part Six (Nile Cruise)

Oh yeah, baby! After visiting the Temple of Isis, we are boarding a cruise ship and heading up the Nile, hitting various sites along the way. I actually have no idea if our cruise ship will look anything like this one, but it will be one of our only chances to chill a little bit in shorts or bathing suits, enjoying the pool. Otherwise, for women, travel in Egypt means not sticking out like a sore thumb by wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts. That is generally frowned upon and might result in unwanted catcalls from males who think scantily clad women are "loose." I may disagree for feminist reasons, but on the other hand, I'm going to be in a foreign country, so one does try to respect the cultural norms of that country. So mostly I'm packing convertible pants and linen shirts or other material that is light and wicks away sweat, and I'll probably wear my Teva sandals a lot. For visits to mosques, I have a kaffiyeh to cover my head with.

Believe it or not, I'm also going to have to be grading final essays and exams while I'm on this trip. Crazy, right? But the first week of the trip falls smack in the middle of our exam week, so my literature class will be writing their final as a take-home exam and emailing them to me by end of day on their day their final would have been. So I have a feeling some of my time on the ship and some time in the evenings will be spent grading papers. I'd try grading on the bus as well, except that I have a tendency to get carsick. Ugh!

We depart on our cruise ship from Aswan and are going up the Nile, stopping at the Temples of Kom Ombo and Horus (at Edfu), then passing through the Esna locks, and ultimately disembarking for good at Luxor. (More on these two temples tomorrow.) There are some photos of the locks here and a description of what it's like going through them. Sounds like bazaar bartering carries over even onto the Nile.

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