Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Say Mountains, You Say Hills

Part of getting ready for Egypt is getting in better shape, of course. We're going to be doing lots of walking. Heck, even walking through a museum can be taxing on a 50 year-old gal! Walk, walk, stop, stand, stare, examine. Walk, walk, walk, stop, stand, examine. Etc. After three hours of that, my lower back and hips scream at me and call me all sorts of names that I dare not repeat here!

So, my friend Lisa and I have been training (me on my treadmill, she on her Wii) and going on weekend hikes. Today we hiked Coyote Hills Regional Park in the East Bay. We saw lots of geese, one heron, and many multi-colored birds; turns out, as we read on a marker, the park is situated along the Pacific Flyway (actually, pretty much the entire San Francisco Bay Area is). But since there are many isolated ponds off the actual Bay in the park, birds like to gather there.

Anyway, we kept for a mile or so to the paved trail skirting the ponds and then circling around the Bay, then decided to hike up a hill to the top. From there we could see all over the Bay Area, and certainly both the Dumbarton and San Mateo Bridges. Then we kept along the ridgeline, going up and down, hitting another huge hill (I'd guess the incline at 12% or more; it was pretty steep), then came down to the paved trail and returned to our car. Here is video and me flexing my stuff atop one of the hills:

I've lost between 8-10 pounds so far and would love to lose another 10 before the trip.  That's right, mofo. I'm a bad ass. I also have a sore ass, but better now than later, right?

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