Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

The image relates directly to my first New Year's resolution--to get rid of "mind poison." Anybody following the gist of my statements on Facebook the past several months knows how completely disillusioned I've become with government, and that in November I expressed my dissatisfaction with my vote by voting for neither of the two major (only viable) political parties. But here is where I've remained stuck, feeling helpless that nothing short of a revolution can bring about change. Well, I can't keep putting that thought out into the ether. Instead, I vow to focus on healing thoughts, thoughts of peaceful change, and to not fall victim to cynicism. I want my idealist back. There can be no change if I give up.

My second resolution is to listen to my intuition more, to pay closer attention to impressions and to gut feelings. My third resolution is to learn to trust them enough to actually act on them.

My fourth resolution has to do with my own physical health. I've already started doing some beginner's yoga and once I clear up some lower back issues, I want to start using my treadmill and Power Blocks (weight lifting) again. The goal is to drop some unneeded bodyfat and to lower my cholesterol. This also means making wiser food choices and controlling portion sizes. Healthy body/healthy mind.

Finally, my fifth resolution is to love more. To wonder more. To marvel more. To laugh more. To do my best to bring joy and light to others rather than getting into useless arguments. To always keep an open mind and to be less "I'm right and you're wrong" in my approach to those with whom I disagree. To invite meaningful dialogue but to not come off as a broken record, as I sometimes do. And to not take it so personally when someone misunderstands me. To remain positive. When there is an impasse, to love them anyway.

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