Saturday, October 6, 2012

I Have to Brag on My Friend Matt

The husband of my BFINM (best friend I've never met) Dawn has created a wondrous thing that went viral on Facebook yesterday, so naturally I have to brag on Matt. Actually, I met Matt first because we are both big horse racing fans, and we used to hang out in a horse racing game on Facebook racing cartoon horses against each other. Oh yes, it was serious business. We each had stables of fine thoroughbreds all decked out with bug eyes and bling. Then the game developers reset the game and everybody had to start over from scratch, so Matt and I both walked away from the game in a huff.

But, we remained FB friends; his wife, Dawn, finally approached me online because it became clear from comments on posts that we both had the same zany sense of humor (as well as our other BFINM, Heather, who is presently on a Caribbean cruise so we are able to talk smack about her while she's away), and so we four have all become a rather tight-knit little group sharing the ups and downs of daily life. Yes, indeed, Facebook--it is a wonderful thing.

So, here is Matt's creation. It is a very clever use of the "Texts with Hillary" meme that Matt put together after Mitt Romney's declaration that he would eliminate funding for public broadcasting, despite the fact that he likes Big Bird.


Matt said...

Heather would have loved these shenanigans.

Joyce said...

She would have HAD to say something about Hillary being a closet lesbian. She can't see a pic of her without blurting that out, lol