Friday, October 19, 2012

Hummmm, Baby!

Amazingly, the Giants managed to shut out the Cardinals tonight and stay alive in the race for the National League pennant.

So now the series is at 3-2 with the Cardinals up by a game, with two games left to go. Whoever wins 4 takes the pennant and goes to the the World Series to face the Detroit Tigers (who swept the Yankees).

Chelle and I already had tickets way up in the nosebleeds for Game 7 (if the Giants make it that far), but we are now thrilled to have scored three tickets to Game 6 to be played Sunday night. We're bringing along our friend Lisa, who will be getting the ultimate Giants experience: visiting AT&T Park for the first time in halfway decent seats for a championship game. The thing that would make it all perfection is if the Giants manage to tie the series up.

Of course the tickets are not cheap ($300 bucks a pop, ouch!) but tickets to the World Series games on Stubhub are already going for a cool $1300 a seat, and that's in the bleachers.

Considering that Tim Lincecum, our star pitcher, has totally lost his mojo and has not pitched well for much of the year and that Brian "Fear the Beard" Wilson, our star closer, has been out all season with an injury, it's actually pretty amazing the team has come this year as far as it has. Zito truly earned his paycheck tonight.

Oh, yeah, orange and black fever. We totally have it in this household. GO GIANTS!

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