Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Giants Heading to the World Series! Humm, Baby!

OK, so I went to Sunday's game (we scored tickets in Club Section 106), which we won, tying the series. SO.... it went down to Game 7 after all. Now, this poor, hapless Tigger was so wiped out yesterday from the game on Sunday that, after being at work for a half hour or so, I knew I couldn't hack another game without making myself sick again (damn this thyroid issue anyway. I have virtually NO energy). With some reluctance--especially since it was raining buckets outside--I gave up my ticket to my brother-in-law, Jimmy, and so he and Chelle went to the game.

They were waaaaaaay up in the nosebleeds as this video will show. But that didn't make it any less exciting. Here's closer Romo tossing the last pitch, which is popped up and caught to win the game, 9-0, shutting the Cards out.

Favorite game moment: pitcher Matt Cain soundly smacks on the arm the guy on the Cardinals who tackled our Scutaro in the first game sliding into second base. You don't slide BEHIND someone, poor courtesy. He deserved to get hit by a pitch.

Oh.... in the video below, that's Jimmy who needs his mouth washed out with soap. LOL

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