Monday, October 15, 2012

Free Falling and Breaking the Sound Barrier

In case you missed this yesterday, Felix Baumgartner went up in a capsule attached to a cluster of balloons to an altitude of roughly 127,000 feet before leaping out of the capsule and plummeting to Earth.

It was a total freefall, with him tumbling uncontrollably head over heels and reaching speeds of over 700mph, so he broke the sound barrier doing it.

Even though I was home sick in bed, I watched it live online, mesmerized, and today--even though I'm still home sick in bed--I am still marveling over the fact that a man has done such a thing.

Even though I was too sick to go to the game last night--my brother-in-law, Jimmy, was more than thrilled to take my place--and even though the Giants lost 6-4, I am still marveling over the fact that a human being has done such a thing. He got his fall under control and his chute opened and he landed safely upright on his feet, incidentally.

If we can go to the Moon, put Land Rovers on Mars, and do things like this, why can't we as a species do something as simple as learn to get along with each other? To accept each other without condition as the beautiful creatures we all are? To embrace each other as the brothers and sisters we are, inhabiting just a single planet in a universe full of galaxies and, no doubt, housing other species on other planets besides us?

Video of Baumgartner's amazing feat is below.

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