Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Passive Aggressive Notes

You just know it's going to be a great day when you come in to work and someone has left a passive-aggressive note on the workroom refrigerator.  Now, please understand I am not making fun of this person. I totally understand the frustration of going to get something of mine out of the fridge and not finding it. I got tired of my Diet Pepsis or Diet Cokes or whatnot being swiped, so I've taken to labeling anything I put in there. Sometimes that is enough of a deterrent, sometimes not. Other colleagues have combated the problem by keeping their own mini-fridges in their offices.

No, I'm sharing it because this note is so well-crafted, so biting in its condemnation of the offender, and so vengeful in its wish that illness be visited upon the thief that I find myself marveling over such wickedness from a person who is normally quite sane and calm. Ie, "You are NOT an esteemed anything; you are self-absorbed and stupid; you are a dishonorable thief and I hope you get sick. In any case, beware of stealing anything else from me, you pig, you."

I mean, it is typed and printed and perfectly spelled and punctuated and just marvelous in so many ways.

Take THAT, beyotch!

ps. I did not take the raspberry jam.

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