Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Michelle Obama's DNC Speech 2012

If you missed Michelle Obama's speech last night at the Democratic National Convention, then you missed something worth seeing. She was inspiring. I said on Facebook that I found myself swallowing a big lump in my throat several times. This is just Part One of her speech, but the rest of it should follow on Youtube, depending on your settings. (If not, the rest should be easy to find. It's probably up on several news websites as well.)

She just comes across as so sincere, so genuine, and so likeable that even somebody as twitchy as I would feel comfortable around her.  Favorite idea, paraphrased: When you walk through that door of opportunity, you do not reach back to slam it shut--you reach back and hold it open for someone else.
I also liked (again paraphrased): Success is measured not by how much money you make but by how many lives you make a difference in.  And that most parents measure success by how many opportunities they create for their children.

Anyway, I can't possibly do her justice, so listen for yourself.

ps: she's got great shoulders

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