Monday, September 24, 2012

An Old Lady on a Monday

I have lost the battle. I have now taken to bringing a gym towel with me to class in the morning because I perspire like a marathoner. I don't think this problem will be corrected until I get on thyroid meds. Alas, I can't see the endocrinologist until some time in October when my new health insurance kicks in. So, I will just have to perspire for another month or so.

Even then, I'm told it can take as long as 6 weeks before thyroid meds start making a difference.

The odd thing is, after about 10am, the sweating drops off. It comes back in the evening and so I drench the bed as well. Last night I had to toss one of my pillows to the floor because I had soaked both sides of it. This is why I'd originally thought I simply had the night sweats of menopause, but no. I'm still making estrogen. I'm just not making much of whatever three thyroid hormones they test for.

I swear, even my legs get sweaty. I leave my 8am class every morning with my pants legs sticking to me and the back of my shirt sticking to me. It's embarrassing.

I may have to start sprinkling baby powder all over myself in the morning and at night before bed.

The irony, of course, is that I had no problems with my cholesterol and no problems with my thyroid while I was still drinking. Alcohol, it turns out, increases your HDL, and my HDL was always high enough to offset any scary levels of LDL. My total cholesterol has always been slightly high, but with my HDL ("good" cholesterol) dropping, this is now a problem. So quitting booze has had a negative effect on my cholesterol. Still, better my cholesterol than my liver, right? I met people in rehab who were fighting cirrhosis and esophageal varices, and I'd much rather have high cholesterol, especially since 235 isn't so high it's scary.

But since this has been going on for two years, the doctor was about to prescribe me Lipitor when he saw my thyroid hormones are way too low. So now he's saying, "Let's straighten out the thyroid first, because when that happens, your cholesterol may just well drop under 200 because you'll have more energy and might start burning off more calories."

So.... I sweat, yet get fatter by the minute, ha.

The only GOOD thing about all of this is that at least now I have a medical reason for why I can't seem to lose bodyfat. I can blame it on my thyroid, and it's not even a lie!

Still doesn't make me feel much better. Getting old is no picnic. Everything that runs in your family starts appearing in you. Next up: heart disease, diabetes, schizophrenia. I'll take problems with the ticker and blood sugar over mental illness any day. 

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