Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gorgeous Weekend at Del Mar

Here is the glorious Del Mar starting gate:

Here is the start of the big stakes race of the day, the Clement Hirsch:

And here am I grinning like a monkey even though I didn't win anything this weekend.

Chelle and I had a great time hanging out with her cousin Shelley, and the most amusing story of the weekend was the one about the women two boxes over who hit a big winner and started pounding drinks. Before too long, she was heading up the stairs to go place another bet and tripped. Recovering nicely, she went on her way and then returned and had a few more drinks. Finally, during one race, she and some guy that by now she was hanging onto decided to stand up and sing "Ai, yi, yi, yi, I am the Frito Bandito!" in the middle of a race, much to the chagrin of several elderly gentlemen in the box next to ours. It's times such as these that I'm grateful I gave up drinking.

Oh! And I met Lisa, my BFINM Dawn's best friend.

Altogether, a solid weekend.

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