Sunday, July 8, 2012

More Practicing with Firearms

[again, the anti-gun crowd should skip this post]

My aim improved today although I have to say I'm much more comfortable with the .38 than I am with the shotgun. Chelle did demonstrate for me the difference in the "wounds" (using birdshot) when you fire the shotgun close to a person as opposed to farther away. The moral of the story: get as close as you can because the farther away you are, the more that stuff sprays.

So here was our target:

Basically we stood in front of the bush on the left for practice with the shotgun and several feet behind it for practice with the .38.

Here was my best shot:

And the one below shows the birdshot demonstration on the left hand side (at top and bottom) and then my one big blast with--what did she call it? Double aught buck?--right in the middle.

My hope is to never have to use either of these weapons against a real person, and I surely do hope that just the sound of a shotgun round being racked would be enough to make a threat stop being a threat.

My father-in-law suggested I take one of these targets and hang it in my office with the words "I don't like it when students ask me to change their grades" written on it in big red marker.

I would reckon that's not the best idea. But he is a funny guy.

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