Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just Hanging Out and Chillin'

Okay, so here I am spending the July 4th weekend at my lovely in-laws', and a friend asked me to post pics--and I probably will put some random humorous ones on Facebook--but I decided instead to take the world on a tour around half of their property. The photo is from inside the living room looking out onto the front of the property, and then the videos take you in a circle around their property to the right of their house. I'm talking and walking while taking the video, so I'm sorry that you'll have to deal with a bit of shakiness. But, in the second video, I'm pleased to be able to point out the spot where, two years ago, I caught a trout and was trying to run it up a small incline on the way to their pond when I tripped. And as I lay there, I realized I was eye-to-eye with a snake. My Indian name thereafter became Falls With A Fish. Also, the Pell's dog, Kali, makes a cameo.

It truly is beautiful and relaxing up here.

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