Thursday, June 14, 2012

What a Day! (Happy Sigh)

Okay, we made it back from Kauai without mishap... I managed to drop a piece of luggage on my foot trying to get into the front door in the dark.... so now I have a black and blue big toe.... and I spent a couple hours yesterday napping because of jet lag.

It couldn't possibly be because I'm getting old!

Today (my actual birthday), Chelle surprised me by taking the day off and taking me to a Giants game, where we had awesome seats (seventh row just to the right of home plate). Even though the boys lost, it was such a gorgeous day out that we had a blast anyway. And speaking of the Giants, how about Matt Cain pitching a PERFECT game last night? No hitters aren't all that rare, but a perfect game truly is. They showed the last pitch several times on the scoreboard over the course of the game today, and each time a cheer went up that folks probably could hear all the way over in the East Bay.

And, we did get treated to the Baby Giraffe (Brandon Belt) knocking a splash hit over the arcade and into McCovey Cove.

Now I'm home and full of hot dogs and kettle corn and Ghirardelli Square hot fudge sundae, so I'm just going to relax and watch an episode or two of Dexter and make an early evening of it. To all my Facebook friends, thanks so much for the birthday wishes. Y'all sure know how to make an old lady feel special.

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