Friday, June 22, 2012

Topo Map of the Vaginal Area

In case you are a beginner or simply have trouble finding your way around, you enter the large opening in the center (with penis, fingers, a dildo, some other toy, or even a hand). However, don't just plunge in and do your bidness. The area must be properly prepared for such invasive procedures. Many women (but not all) love the lower hole (the anus) to be stimulated as it is a quite sensitive area--and I have YET to meet a woman who does not love the upper area (the clitoris marked "you are here" for your edification) to be given lots of attention. And I mean lots.

Do not be offended if she offers you direction (e.g., "higher," "lower," "to the right," "to the left," "harder," "gently! gently!") as we all like different kinds of stimulation.

Learn to love vaginas. After all, you entered this world by passing through one.

And it is NOT a dirty or offensive word.

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