Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kentucky Derby 138 Picks to be Updated

Just a quick note: the tracks at Churchill Downs are off today (so far). They've harrowed the main track but it's still wet and speed did not hold in the first race. The first turf race has also been taken off the turf. Obviously this would change my picks posted last night--but my feeling is the main track should be pretty dry by Derby time. I will probably recap with soft/yielding turf in mind. So stay tuned for any adjustments.

UPDATE: Well, the turf course has been rated good despite the first turf race being taken off. So far I'm inclined to not change anything.

SECOND UPDATE: I am updating my picks for the turf races (6, 8, 10th races). I'm leaving the dirt races the same. Speed is holding. The rail does seem dead. I'm updating my original picks post, below.

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