Friday, May 18, 2012

God's Hand

I've seen this being passed around on Facebook these past couple of days and found it interesting. You know, I don't know that I would call these signs of spiritual awakening as much as they are, to me, signs of emotional maturity and letting go of fear.

Not that it matters what you term it. The process, for me, has seemed to work something like this: (1) give up the need to control, much of which is directly related to fears I have to begin with anyway, most of which are ungrounded and not likely to happen in any case. (2) Once I stopped trying to control things, there was no need to get bogged down in overanalyzing people and situations. Fact is, I don't need to understand everything, and I will never get the complete picture anyway since I can't live in someone else's head or heart. (3) Once all of that falls by the wayside, I am much more apt to find joy in the smallest things. And once I started feeling joy, I began feeling grateful, and when I am grateful, I perceive God's grace and have started seeing God's hand in the most surprising of places.

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