Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just the Way You Are

So what if you're overweight, have a few scars, and have some crooked lower teeth?

So what if you struggle with math, can't seem to find a decent romantic partner, and take forever to complete a task?

So what if you're getting gray hair, didn't have time to shave your legs this morning, have a hole in your sock, and don't have the money to pay a contractor to fix the fence, so you grabbed a hammer and fixed it yourself?

Here's how I see you: You have delicious curves, you've lived a life and have survived to tell the tale, you're desirable, your talents are hidden but numerable, you're not insufferably vain, you're methodical, you're creative, you're independent, and you're not a high maintainance prima donna. You are YOU.

And you are special, just the way you are.

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