Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haters Are Not Invited Here

Finally, this cold is on its way out the door and I'm starting to feel well again. (Just in time to have blood drawn tomorrow morning for another lipid panel. My last one was six months ago, and we want to see if I've had any success bringing my cholesterol down. If not, I may have to go on medication--gak! I have been much better about limiting carbohydrates, but it may not be enough. The irony is that my cholesterol was just fine when I was drinking like a fish. Alcohol actually does have the health benefit of raising your "good" cholesterol. Still, I suppose I'd rather have cholesterol problems than liver problems, so pick your poison, huh?)

Anyway, to the issue at hand. I was telling a former student yesterday (she dropped by my office to say hi and sit and chat a bit) that one of the oddest "insults" ever hurled at me was an accusation that I was just another "liberal elitist." I have to say that it didn't hurt my feelings, largely because it was clear the guy was calling me what, to him, was the biggest insult he could muster. (It's like people who spit the word "Dyke!" at me. I kind of want to say, "Yes, and I love that about myself!") But it was still an odd insult because I'm not quite sure what "liberal elite" is really supposed to mean. I get the sense that to him "elite" means somebody who thinks they're better than everybody else, but that's hardly an accurate description of me, the recovering alcoholic who has admitted to more past mistakes and stupid decisions than I can count. The fact alone keeps me humble. (Well, mostly. I guess I can be as stubborn and arrogant as the next guy, too, but I wouldn't say I'm more so than anybody else.)

See, in my book, "elite" means highbrow, of a social status higher than others, out of touch with the problems of everyday people, your basic aristocratic snob. Growing up in a broken home, and then in foster homes, and then putting myself through college, and now living on a community college teacher's salary, solidly does not put me in with the aristocracy. So I'm not sure what he meant. I suppose I could ask the other members of my union, unless they're all "elites" too, despite fighting every day for the rights of working people.

But I'm kidding. Actually this all comes up for me because of something that happened to Ellen DeGeneres lately. She's been named a spokesperson for JC Penney, and a group of conservative women (A Million Moms or whatnot) decided to try to get Penney to fire her because she's gay. Haters gotta hate, as they say. In true Cee-Lo Green fashion, JC Penney said, "F*ck You." So, good for JC Penney. And good for Ellen. If you missed what she had to say about it on her show, watch the video below.

The moral of the story is: Bullies don't like it when you don't back down. So, be yourself. Don't back down. They'll depart and look for an easier target.


FROG'S new PAD said...

NICE tie in with the two....ELLEN was so so SO noble in her remark(s) and power to JC Penney as well. Elitist? Maybe just cuz you have a job and a car and a cat and the other dude don't? Stratification gets us nowhere, I say to him. But you are noble!

Joyce said...

Naw, I don't think it was envy. I think he just disagreed with me on an issue because I was taking a liberal view of it, so he automatically decided I must be whatever his mental stereotype of a "liberal elite" is.