Friday, February 17, 2012

Excuse Me, But Didn't We Fight This Battle Already?

I don't think the Republican Party is going to score many points with women over its recent attempts to remove two basic freedoms from women: the right to contraception and the right to choose an abortion, ie, the right for her to have some control over her own body and biology.

For an excellent analysis of the REAL reason some men are freaking out about women having access to birth control: read this.

For those who suffer from the wrong impression that somehow the Catholic Church is being forced to pay for women's contraception against its religious doctrines: educate yourself and read this.

For the men in those states passing "personhood" laws, effectively making abortion illegal in all circumstances, even if the mother is, say, a 12 year-old girl raped by her uncle or even if the pregnancy would result in the mother's death: Shut up. Your opinion has no validity whatsoever in my book since you are biologically incapable of getting pregnant in the first place. (Alternately, since turnabout is fair play, accept my own personal solution to abortion: cut off your balls. After all, women don't get pregnant by themselves, no matter how much some men still insist on saying things like, "She got herself pregnant.")

How extraordinary that, in 2012, we have to dust off these old slogans from the 1980s.


W. Stuart Rose said...

In Afghanistan there's the the US there are the Repugnicans. Little, if any, difference.

Joyce said...

Well, not ALL Republicans (I know many who are pro gay marriage and pro women's rights), but the extremist Right Wing ones who seem to be directing the discourse nowadays are indeed acting in a repugnant way. Frankly, I'm hoping it backfires on them in a huge way.