Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Zenyatta Playing in the Snow

Well, I pronounce this painting done, unless something glares out at me tomorrow that needs fixing, assuming it's something fixable. I learned a lot in painting this. The biggest thing is that I really don't have the steady hand to be a complete realist. I can't make things look exactly as they are, so I let that idea go and allowed my feelings about this mare to reinterpret what my eye was seeing. If that makes any sense. Maybe not.

The other big thing I learned is that movement is everything. I think she looks flat because I didn't capture her movement and joy well enough. I think I needed more "swoop" in her neck and to put her head a little lower, stretching the neck out a bit more. I don't know that I "got down" the idea that in her next movement, she's going to plant her forelegs and kick.

But this was a fun and absorbing project, and I learned more about using the acrylics as well.

Below are pics of the painting in various stages.


Di said...

I believe you captured movement in the mane and tail as well as the body posture. I don't know about "flat" or not or what to do about such things because I don't know about painting but I do know that I have enjoyed watching this process and I really like the result of it. I have had great joy in my soul knowing that you were working on this and being absorbed in it. Looks good to me!

Joyce said...

Better than getting drunk any day, ha.
I'm liking painting so far... I put on music, and I get lost in it. It's a different kind of concentration and very relaxing to me. Good to use a different part of this ol' brain.