Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

I have none! I already like the path I'm on: cutting carbs to get my cholesterol and weight down (it's working slowly but surely); increasing exercise with the same purpose; keep working on my spiritual program (I've been studying the gnostics lately); and make time for my creative side.

For Christmas (synchronicity? of course!), my in-laws got me some tiny canvases and a set of acrylic paints, and Chelle bought me a Brandi Carlile songbook. The guitar is now restrung and this past week I've been practicing again. As for the painting, well ... I've never used acrylics before, much less painted on canvas; so far, I'm just experimenting with how the paint acts and how canvas acts. It reminds me of putting, I have to say. You're making a line and suddenly the canvas (the green) has a bump or a dip or a blip and boom--the line (the golf ball) goes awry. Not a big deal with a big canvas, but devastating when the surface is tiny.

I've also been into the ancient Egyptian mystery schools lately, so I started with a tiny Ma'at (goddess of order, truth, and justice) and finished that yesterday. And this morning I sketched out her consort, Thoth (aka Hermes, god of wisdom and writing). His beak shows the typical "canvas bump" blooper--but I hope that gets straightened out when I add color.


FROG'S new PAD said...

awesome! what did you sketch in?? (i thot you were supposed to outline in lighter ink....) You are on a cool path!

Joyce said...

Typically you do, but the Egyptian art I'm basing this on outlined in black. So, just your basic black paint and the rest is like coloring with paint ha