Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

Had a special friend fly in to spend the long weekend and just dropped her off at the airport. Now I have to shift gears from "fun and relaxation" mode back into "teach tomorrow and collect two new batches of papers" mode. Erk. Then my in-laws are coming down for Thanksgiving dinner and I need to start thinking about planning a menu.

On Thursday, Di landed in San Jose right during rush hour traffic, so she got to experience the famous Bay Area gridlock (on the way to the airport today, it should have been smooth sailing, but oh no. A big rig decided to jackknife on the 101 and backed things up for several miles. I was glad we'd left early.)

Thursday we had dinner in San Carlos at Piacere and then hung out in her hotel room for a little while chatting. But then I came home and went to bed, because Friday was to be the big day!

And, so, naturally, it rained. Not a heavy rain, so we took the opportunity to go to see the redwood forest at Purisima Creek. The canopy kept us mostly dry, although it was somewhat muddy going. Di saw her first redwood tree and snapped dozens of photos--can't wait to see them, will no doubt post some of them. Along the way we saw no banana slugs, and I'm not quite sure she didn't think I was just pulling her leg about them until ha! There was one on the path. Being the silly Tigger that I am, naturally I decided to pick it up and pretend to give it a smooch. Lord. It took several hand washings to get all that sticky slime off my hand. Note to self: Leave the banana slugs alone, Joyce.

Then we went to the pier at Pigeon Point and watched the gulls and pelicans, stopped for a capuccino, and then drove to Sam's Chowder House to try the famous Lobster Roll. I think I've decided I prefer crab to lobster. It's a pity crabbing season doesn't start until this Tuesday, because I'd talked up the fresh crab at this place and I think, though Di's crab louie salad was good, it wasn't really the quintessential experience with Dungeness crab caught just a few hours before. Oh, well. Next time, maybe.

Then came the highlight: we checked into the Cypress Inn where I'd booked a room with a balcony that looked right onto the ocean. Figures it would still have to be gray and drizzly, but we left the balcony door cracked open overnight and had the fireplace going to keep the room warm. So we were treated to the sounds of waves pounding against the shoreline all night. In the morning, we got up and took a walk along the beach, collecting bits of shells and driftwood. Here is video of the sea.

We loaded up, drove back to San Carlos, had a snack in Redwood City at City Pub, and then just took the afternoon to relax. Later on that evening, Chelle surprised us with a home-cooked surf and turf meal: filet mignon, shrimp cocktail, shrimp scampi, steamed veggies, and cheesecake for dessert. Then we caught a bit of the Stanford-Oregon game, the result of which I shall not discuss, except to say that the Stanford QB, my namesake Andrew Luck, did not have a good game.

All in all, a nice, relaxing weekend full of good food and communing with nature, which is always good for the soul.

Here we are blissing out in Half Moon Bay.


Di said...

L-O-V-E-D IT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you much and much and much.

Joyce said...

You are welcome back any time. :)