Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Stop Button

See this picture? It illustrates beautifully what an alcoholic is.

We're not gutter bums, we're not having a rollicking good time, we're not irresponsible on purpose. We just weren't born with a "stop" button.

The average (normie) drinker has one, two, maybe even three drinks, and their inner "stop button" gets triggered at laughing a lot or I love everybody. Sometimes--but it's a rare occasion--they may even get to drunk dialing or exotic dancing, but it's not a common thing for them.

Because we alcoholics don't have a stop button, we keep going until we're either forced to stop or we pass out. If we don't pass out soon enough, you may very well find us in the hospital with a crazy BAC. We couldn't begin to tell you what possessed us to get that drunk. There is no reason.

We just aren't wired to stop. Who knows if it's a brain chemistry thing (and maybe we altered our own brain chemistry by drinking too much over time)? Who knows if we're born this way and it's a genetic problem (alcoholism runs in families)? Does it even matter? Whatever the cause, we just can't stop ourselves.

Thus we say: one drink is too many, a thousand never enough.

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