Thursday, November 3, 2011

Breeders Cup Pre-Handicapping: Ultra Blend

Chelle has bronchitis and an ear infection, so naturally she has given me the cold that brought all this on to begin with. I don't feel too horrible, but these past few days have been a challenge what with sinus headaches and plugged up ears and the attendant equilibrium problems. Standing in front of class and feeling dizzy isn't exactly fun! I did actually miss Tuesday because I didn't think it was wise to drive, and my voice was doing the cracking congested thing anyway.

In any case, once I get home today (I'm in my office right now), I intend to start handicapping tomorrow's Breeders Cup races. Chelle has had little to do all week but study lifetime performances and watch TVG and read workout reports, so she's got some insights into which horses may be "bet againsts."

I have a sentimental favorite this year: and that's Ultra Blend in the Ladies Classic. She's Art Sherman's, and his son Steve used to be our trainer at Golden Gate Fields, where Ultra Blend spent some time. Needless to say, Chelle and I used to visit her sometimes on the backside so we know the horse. The word I have for her is "heart." She always tries. She may not win (though I'll bet her to), but I feel fairly sure she'll at least get up for a piece. Here's a photo of the pretty girl:

More to come....

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