Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why This Sign Is Beyond Stupid

There are plenty of people who voted for Obama in 2008 (I would be among them) who aren't totally pleased with his performance as President. They voted for change, reforms in government, an end to the war in Iraq, or because they weren't happy with George W. Bush's running up the deficit. There are tons of reasons Obama held appeal. But here's my real point: NOBODY, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY, VOTED FOR OBAMA BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT PEOPLE WOULD THINK THEY WERE RACIST IF THEY DIDN'T.

Nope. In fact, this very idea would occur only to a racist. Why? Because they're forever thinking they're being picked on for being racists. Poor things. And they can't imagine anybody would have actually voted for Obama because they saw something they liked about him. So, it had to be his race. It just had to be. Right?

Aside from this, guess what else? Your vote is private. You fill in the grid or punch your chad and turn in your ballot and nobody knows how you voted unless you blab it to the world. So why would anyone vote a certain way because they're afraid of being called a name for the vote they cast?

Would. Not. Happen.

Hence, this sign is not just racist in its conception, it's just stupid.


Anonymous said...

your a fucking idiot

Joyce said...

"You're" is the contraction for "you are." "Your" is the possessive pronoun.

So I think we both know which of us is actually the idiot.