Friday, October 14, 2011


In quantum mechanics, there is the theory of entanglement in which two apparently unrelated photons, even separated by a great distance, each react as if they each somehow knew what the other was doing.

In Jungian Thought, there is the concept of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, in which two apparently unrelated things happen together, thus creating something meaningful (free of cause-effect).

So. Why do certain people come into our lives?

I don't mean everyday acquaintances or bump-into-a-stranger chance encounters: these folks are more like the extras in a movie, just background in the totality of your life (as you are in theirs). I mean the people who wind up being an influence, who make a difference of some kind, who become a part of your story. I don't think meeting these people is random, though it looks random. When you first encounter someone who is going to change your life in some way, you seldom know at first meeting that this is what will happen. Heck, I met my spouse on When I read her first email to me, I had no idea that one day I would be marrying this woman.

I think we are all here to carry out a purpose, and certain people cross our paths either because we agreed to do so before we incarnated here or because the universe sees fit to have us cross paths because each of us has something to teach the other. Ever notice how people come to you at just the right time? It's not random--the universe collides us together because it sees you are both in a unique position, perfectly timed, to do something for the other. The significant people in our lives are here to meet either physical, emotional, or spiritual needs. Each of you is drawn to the other. You will either meet each other's needs or you will be challenged to examine them in some way. The outcome, whether for good or for bad, is a lesson learned or a valuable experience of some kind.

If you don't learn it, someone else will enter your life and the lesson will be repeated.

Our significant others are here--whether they hurt us or fill us with joy; whether they stay or whether they go--to open your mind, heart, or perspective to your current situation and guide you closer to the life you're supposed to lead, so you can fulfill the purpose for which you are here.


The Subversive Librarian said...

The trick, sometimes, is telling the extras from the speaking roles. I am pretty good at misinterpreting the clues, I'm afraid. Or maybe I'm not.

I get a lot from quantum theory as well, by the way. Thanks for this post!

Joyce said...

But the extras are needed to make the movie, right? So no one is insignificant.

Quantum theory... so much of it is right over my head (I have no capacity to understand math. I could get only so far in understanding music because music ultimately becomes like math to me). Erk. But for what little I'm able to get, the possibilities and implications are mind-boggling.