Monday, August 8, 2011


Perhaps you've seen this poster before; it regularly makes the rounds on Facebook. But I love it because it sums up nicely how I've come to let faith operate in my life. It also reminds me to stop trying to drive everything by the demands of my ego and to live in the now.

Faith is trust that things will play out as they should if only I let them. Things tend to go wrong when I over-analyze, fret, worry, plan too much, or try to control outcomes as if life were a game of chess. When I'm running on ego, my life winds up being less like a well-played game of chess and more like my trying to force a square into a circle.

But if I do the things I love and concentrate on the now, that's when good things happen.

Life unfolds as it will.

Faith is trust that as life unfolds, a beautiful and delicate origami will emerge.

Hat tip to Max.

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