Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Brandi Carlile at Montbleu Resort

Just back from Lake Tahoe, where Chelle and I drove up yesterday to catch a Brandi Carlile concert at the Montbleu (used to be the Caesar's Palace). Naturally, since it's Tahoe, I did a little gambling, but I would lose a little, then win a little, then lose, then win, so I wound up leaving with about ten more bucks than I came with. So, I can't complain.

Brandi was great, as she always is. If you don't know her music, I direct you to the video below of a song called "Turpentine," which Chelle wanted her to play--and which actually may have been on the setlist, but people kept calling out requests, so she and the band did some substitutions. She did play "Dreams," "The Story" (my personal favorite), "I Will," "Forever Young," and many others, including a cover of Johnny Cash's "Jackson" which segued into "Folsom Prison Blues." She also did a couple of new songs, one of which was called "Raise Hell," which was raucous as you might expect.

All in all a good time, we met some kindred Brandi fans who live probably ten minutes south of us, and today I am wiped out. Early bedtime tonight for sure.

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